What You Can Do?

As published by Amy Siegel Oran in the Wellington Villager on October 24, 2017

It’s October, the month that makes you wonder whether a bottle of Pepto Bismol exploded, dousing everything in pink. The ribbon has become trite, adopted in various forms and colors supporting a plethora of worthy causes; but do you even know what each ribbon means? I’ve read articles, seen the Facebook comments, and heard friends complain the October message has been lost. To me, that is a terrifying thought. I’ve heard it said – so long as breast cancer still exists, there will never be enough pink.

It’s October, breast cancer awareness month. How aware are you? Are you aware 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed over the course of her life? Are you aware men are not immune and get breast cancer too? Most importantly, are you aware of what you can do?

It’s October; it’s time to step up. Numerous organizations in our community do admirable work and help in a variety of ways. I admire all of them, appreciate their contributions, and respect their supporters. Step up and join the fight against breast cancer by first identifying the organization most closely aligned with your beliefs and then become a valuable member.

My October is for Susan G. Komen South Florida. Let’s be frank: there have been significant, unflattering headlines in recent years; unfortunately, they’ve clouded the reputation of this fantastic organization. It’s time to get past what you heard or read; look at what Komen South Florida does for our community and you, its residents. It’s more than a race; the Race for the Cure is our flagship event and our single largest fundraiser. However, we’re at health fairs, educating and stressing the value of early detection – we’re out there ensuring those without means to pay still get mammograms, and we’re out there, helping those who have been diagnosed, making sure they get treatment. That’s here – 75% of net proceeds raised stay here for local services. For the cure, the other 25% goes to Komen scholars, the researchers designing preventative testing, developing medications, and finding a cure. Our BOLD GOAL: to reduce the mortality rates of breast cancer by 50% by the year 2026.

October gives me hope, and I dedicate myself to making it happen. I give my time, my treasure, and my talent, proud to serve on the Board of Directors, I’m a past Race Chair, and I’m on the Race Committee. While fundraising is critical, not all valuable contributions are financial.

October is a starting point. The Race for the Cure is January 27, 2018; create a team and walk. We’re diligently preparing; volunteer. We’re raising funds necessary to save lives; donate. Think bigger; ask your company to join. My law firm, Kelley Kronenberg, has a team, is a corporate sponsor, and has one day each week of October when for a donation of $5, we can wear jeans! Come up with an idea; ask your boss to get on board. I wish I had more space to tell you all of the ways you can saves lives with Komen South Florida. Accept October as a call to action: decide how you can best support Komen or the organization of your choice.

Pink is more than a color, and the ribbon is more than a pin. October is more than a month; it is time gain awareness, get involved, and make a difference. I do and you can; will you join me?