Shawntoyia Bernard – 2018 Ford Warrior in Pink

“I am most thankful for God’s mercy.  My work is not done here, and so I am grateful and know that I have a huge responsibility to educate as many others as I can.  With education comes knowledge and with knowledge, we can save lives!”

The full impact of breast cancer didn’t hit Shawntoyia until a doctor told her that if not for her early detection, her disease could have been fatal.  In the moments that followed, she realized that she needed to share her experience with other young women, particularly young women of color. She knew that if these conversations were not happening in her circle of girlfriends of similar age, they were probably not happening in other circles. She tells younger women about the importance of paying attention to their bodies and not ignoring that “gut feeling” that God gives to us all. 

Meet the 2018 Ford Warriors in Pink

Maria Arcila, Shawntoyia Bernard, Debbie Brooks, Stephanie Carroll,
Shiloh Reynolds, Nancy Smith, Randee VanVleet

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