Melanie Hill

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Melanie Hill, 2-year survivor

Before Melanie Hill was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2014, she wasn’t a big fan of the color pink.  But after her diagnosis the day before her 58th birthday and the outpouring of support she has had for “Team Melanie”—180 strong—she is now sold on being More Than Pink.

“Seeing Komen’s pink ribbon everywhere makes me happy that people realize it’s an ongoing battle and they’re working together to end it.”  Melanie is one of those people.  She fought her cancer with her no-nonsense style, fast-tracking her surgery and then turning to the Race for the Cure to do what she could for others.  She’s made it a multi-day event for her supporters, hosting a registration party the Thursday before at her Kofski Antiques warehouse, and inviting her entire team for brunch after the event.

On Race day, you’ll recognize “Team Melanie” by their hats with the lion logo—a wink to Melanie’s astrological sign and a symbol of her incredible courage.

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