Loren McGuire

Loren McGuire , 4-Year Survivor

At 20, Loren McGuire learned that she had the BRCA2 gene mutation and was at increased risk for breast cancer.  It wasn’t a huge surprise as her mother, three aunts and a cousin all had breast cancer in their 30s and the gene mutation was in the family.  The surprise came at 28 when doctors had a hard time believing someone so young could have breast cancer and didn’t respond to her with a sense of urgency.  Loren told them, “I want this done now, and I want this done right.”

It’s a self-advocacy message she takes out to the community when she tells her story publicly on behalf of Komen to urge others to take care of their breast health.  “You have to advocate for yourself and know that early detection saves lives.”

On Race day, this More Than Pink survivor will be walking with her team of family members, reminded of the words her mother spoke to her that first year after diagnosis: “Now you’re a survivor, so we’re going to walk the walk together.”

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