Kim Brisky

Kim was diagnosed on April Fool’s Day 2018.  The timing may have foreshadowed one of the important things Kim leaned on to get her through her journey: a sense of humor.  In fact, there was a time early in her diagnosis when she was speaking with her oncologist about her options and care plan that Kim literally dropped to her knees in a half joking/half realistic way and asked her for at least ten yearsHer oncologist’s reply was, “Get up, we’ve got this!” Kim knew from that moment that she, as well as her entire collaborative care team, was going to get her through the battle.  And, most important, Kim would be there for her granddaughter who was eight years old at the time of her diagnosis.  Kim wanted to be sure she would see her reach age 18. 

Kim has been described by her co-workers as a “dynamic motivator and a shining example of a courageous breast cancer survivor.”  Kim not only has been supporting a woman, who was recently diagnosed, by meeting with her to talk and texting her frequently, but she hopes to continue to support her and others in the future to pay it forward. 


Kim feels blessed to have “the responsibility and glory” of raising her nine-year-old granddaughter who is her everything.  She gives Kim strength, encouragement, compassion, humor, excitement and true honesty.  Her children have also been loving and supportive, who went above and beyond to help her in so many ways, “escorting her” to her many appointments, clinical settings, procedures or just to the bathroom. Kim had a few very scary times that brought her to the ER, and they were right there by her side. Kim also credits her amazing work family and leaders for their overwhelming support and love. 

“You will get through it, it will be tough at times, but you are not alone, and people will help you and want to help you! You have to find your support people, know your strengths and weaknesses and try to deal with things in a systematic way.  Keep your focus on the goal!” One of my favorite lines ever from a movie that sums up and translates so clearly my journey is what Dory says from Finding Nemo, “Just Keep Swimming!” 

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