Karina Alvarez

Karina is forever grateful to her army of family, friends, doctors, and nurses for supporting her through her illness. Despite undergoing seven surgeries, Karina remained filled with determination, perseverance, and persistence due to her family. She views this as just a bad chapter in life and has inspired others to never give up. Karina is determined to do her absolute best to raise awareness about early detection because that is what saved her.

Karina’s cousin was recently diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Seeing Karina’s strength and determination, she has been extremely positive through her own cancer journey and knows that she can survive, too. She hopes that her story of seven surgeries to-date inspires others to never give up. She believes there is a light at the end and it’s shining brightly for them.


Karina’s mom has been her rock, along with her children. “I fought to be there for them. Losing was not an option for me.” Her family did everything from making smoothies to referring doctors, to helping with bills and assisting with the twins.


Karina loves books and traveling. The beach is Karina’s Zen place, and her family is her world. 

“Breast cancer will not define me, nor will it beat me down. It tried countless times and I got back up, even stronger than before.

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