Joanne Ambrosino

Joanne was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 48. Dr. Bastien-Montperious found the lumps during a routine physical and immediately sent her to get a mammogram, ultrasound and to see a radiologist. When she got the results that day, she told Joanne to come into her office. She had a box of chocolate ready and told Joanne to take the weekend to think, that she didn’t have to make any decisions that day.

The doctor called a breast surgeon right there on her phone in her office and got an appointment for a consultation. She even called some evenings to check on Joanne. While Joanne was at the oncologist office one day, feeling sad, she saw a flyer for dragon boating for BCS, and I thought she should try something new that would support breast cancer survivors in another positive, enjoyable way. It was such a great decision. She encourages anyone going through breast cancer to keep communication open and accept and seek out any positive help or activity that makes you smile. It was her tennis teammates that shared their stories of survival that provided the support and inspiration she hopes to provide to others. She tells others, “Enjoy every minute you have, do all the things you’ve wanted to do that you’ve been putting off, and smile. You’ve got this.”


Joanne’s mom came down from Canada for three weeks to help with school/sports transportation, entertaining and feeding her daughters after surgery. Her husband was a great shoulder to cry on and a great listener, which is exactly what she needed.

She has faith in God and a positive outlook on life, which helps give her strength. She has three teen daughters who watch everything she does, so she tries to model being calm, strong and courageous.


Tennis, golf, skiing and, her favorite new activity, dragon boating.

“I am so thankful to my teammates, friends and family who gave me information, support and love throughout my treatments. You should not do this alone. Komen is a good resource.”

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