Heidi Kirk Garcia

Heidi was diagnosed in 2015 at age 46, the week before Christmas.  She is the only person in her family to be diagnosed with cancer.  Even though she had no family history, she understood the importance of breast health and never missed a mammogram.  It was during a routine exam that her breast cancer was found.  Heidi credits early detection with saving her life and her ability to see some of the finest doctors in South Florida and gather all the information that she needed to fight her disease.  Her most difficult and overwhelming step was making treatment decisionsbut she feels fortunate to have had her family, friends, and doctors supporting her.  The best advice she received was to make the decision herself and then she would have no regrets. Once she scheduled her mastectomy, she knew she would be okay. Her prognosis is excellent. 


Heidi loves to tap dance and is a member of the Jupiter Lighthouse Dragonboat Team.  She is also an active member of Gardens Presbyterian Church.


Heidi quickly learned that breast cancer is a family diagnosis.  Every step of the way, her wonderful husband, Ray, daughters, Amy and Abby, sister, Neva, and her Mom, Sandra, were there to support, encourage, and love her.  (At the time of Heidi’s diagnosis, her older daughter was a freshman in college in Gainesville and her younger daughter was in preschool.) Her amazing extended family gave her comfort and reassurance throughout her journey.  Heidi’s sister was her health care advocatehelping to navigate the doctor’s appointments and being there in the hospital.   Heidi also was cared for by her wonderful friends and co-workers.  They helped manage things, both at work and at home, for her while she was recovering.  There are a number of employees who have been impacted by breast cancer at NextEra Energy/FPL and they share their experiences and support each other daily. 

I am most thankful for the opportunity to live a full lifeto be strong, to be healthy, and to be surrounded by love. 

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