Diagnostic Imaging Coverage HB 263/SB 416

Traditional screening mammography is an x-ray examination of the breast of an asymptomatic woman.  Once signs or symptoms of breast disease have been found, diagnostic imaging (diagnostic mammography, ultrasound, breast MRI, etc) is recommended. In addition, diagnostic imaging may be recommended for women who have a prior history of breast cancer. 

  • Diagnostic mammograms are performed in the same way and with the same equipment as traditional screening mammograms, usually requiring additional views and under the immediate supervision of the interpreting physician.
  • Required follow-up diagnostic imaging due to an abnormal mammogram is critical in the prevention process. An estimated 15 percent of screening mammograms require follow-up diagnostic imaging.
  • From an early detection perspective, a screening mammogram would not be considered successful if follow-up diagnostic imaging were not performed to identify the abnormality or possible cancer. 

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