2014-2015 Grant Recipients

2014-2015 Grantee Listing

This year we have awarded over $613,000.

We are proud to announce our Current Grantee Listing.
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Patient Care Programs:

Bethesda Women’s Health Center                                                                                                                                                                            Screening/Diagnostics/Treatment
Location – Boynton Beach, serves Palm Beach County residents south of West Palm Beach
Project Director: Sabrina Lovazzano (561) 374-5304
Boca Raton Regional Hospital
Christine E. Lynn Women’s Health & Wellness Institute
Location – Boca Raton, serves all Palm Beach County residents with a focus on Delray Beach & Boca Raton
Community Contact: 
Troy Bingham (561) 955-4294
Lakeside Medical Center

Location – Belle Glade, serves western Palm Beach County
Project Director: Bruce Sample (561) 996-6571
Martin Memorial Health Systems
Screening/Diagnostics/Treatment/Genetic Counseling
Location – Stuart, serves Martin County and St. Lucie County
Project Director: Carolyn Shore (772) 223-5945 x3774

Education Programs:

Bethesda Women’s Health Center
“Breast Health Navigator”
The Breast Health Navigator program consists of a registered nurse who is certified in Breast Health.  The Navigator assists all patients needing education and information regarding breast health; counsels patients referred for biopsy and diagnosed with breast cancer; and provides support for their family members.
Patient Navigator: Delmarie Butler (561) 374-5300
Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Christine E. Lynn Women’s Health and Wellness Institute
“Clinical Navigator Project”
The Clinical Navigator program provides quality care based on a diverse patient population and community needs. The complexity of the health care system, including multiple appointments, testing, financial and personal concerns is addressed through this service.  The Navigator offers support, education and clinical expertise allowing each patient to receive individualized care and attention.
Project Director: Elizabeth Linden (561) 955-3772
Patient Navigator
Jackie Stumpf  (561) 955-3382
Caridad Clinic, Inc.
Breast Care Awareness Education Program”
This program located at the Caridad Health Clinic provides breast care education, mammograms and referrals for women living in rural areas of Palm Beach County. This unique one-stop program provides culturally appropriate  breast health awareness presentations and materials, followed by a baseline or annual follow-up mammogram.  This approach reduces barriers of transportation, language and time while promoting a trusting relationship with Caridad.  The Patient Liaison expertly guides women through every step of the program.
Project Director: Lucille Guzman (561) 369-0932 Ext. 105
In the Image of Christ
“The Breast Health Liaison”
The Breast Health Liaison program conducts outreach education and breast health referrals to residents of Fort Pierce.  Preventative education and the importance of breast exams and mammograms are emphasized. This program increases both the awareness and access to early diagnosis and treatment, with the goal of reducing health care costs and mortality.
Project Director:  Hazel Holyman (772) 461-7788
Martin Memorial Health Systems
Breast Health Navigator Team”
The Breast Health Navigator program’s purpose is to act as a guide through the health care system.  The team’s goal is to navigate patients, including those with and without health insurance, giving them access to care and services in a timely fashion in our community.  The Breast Health Navigator Team consists of an oncology certified registered nurse and a licensed clinical oncology social worker, who are experienced in cancer care.  They offer screening for eligibility of any needed services, including referrals, along with information and counseling focused on the special needs of those with breast cancer. Additionally, the Navigator Team can help coordinate transportation for patients who have difficulty obtaining rides.
Patient Navigator: Carolyn Shore (772) 223-5645 x3774
For more information, please email Lisa Hartstein or contact her by phone at 561-514-3020 Ext. 14.
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