2011-2012 Grant Recipients

Grant Summaries – April 1, 2011 – March 31, 2012
Total Grant Funding for Fiscal Year 2011-2012: $1,453,954

Community Education & Special Program Grants

Bethesda Women’s Health Center: “Breast Health Navigator Team” The Breast Health Navigator is a registered nurse who is certified in Breast Health. The Navigator assists all patients needing education and information regarding breast health. The Navigator counsels patients referred for biopsy and diagnosed with breast cancer as well as provides support for family members.
Project Director: Delmarie Butler (561) 374-5312

Boca Raton Regional Hospital: “Clinical Navigation Project”: The Center for Breast Care / Women’s Center “Clinical Navigator Program” will be based on already proven navigator programs but will be unique in the aspect of focusing on providing quality care based on our diverse patient population and community needs. The clinical navigator can take the mystery out of breast health and dispel the myths concerning care diagnosis and treatment options. Providing an environment of support, education and clinical expertise will allow the patient to receive individualized care and attention. Education is a powerful tool that arms the patient with choice and control over their health care options. The complexity of the system, the multiple appointments, and testing, financial and personal concerns will be addressed through this service.
Project Director: Kathy Tabor McEwan (561) 955-2745

Cancer Alliance of Help & Hope: “Financial Assistance to Breast Cancer Patients to Cover Normal Everyday Living Expenses” will provide assistance to breast cancer patients of all ages who are having financial problems while undergoing treatment, with rent/mortgage, utilities, car payments, car insurance and health insurance. The funds will go directly to the vendor, allowing patients to use that money to help with treatment and co-pays. The grant will provide funding for women who live in Palm Beach County and receive treatment in the county, also women who live outside the county but receive treatment in the county.
Project Director: Jean Fischer (561) 748-7227

Caridad Clinic: “Caridad Health Clinic-Breast Care Program” This program provides breast care education, mammograms and referrals for women living in rural areas of Palm Beach County who receive free health care at the Caridad Health Clinic. Healthcare includes annual breast and gynecological exams. This unique one-stop program provides group education sessions on the Triple Touch self-breast exam technique and breast health with culturally appropriate presentations and materials followed immediately by a baseline or annual follow-up mammogram. This approach reduces barriers of transportation, language and time while promoting a trusting relationship with Caridad. The Patient Liaison expertly guides women through every step of the program.
Project Director: Lucille Guzman (561) 853-1628

Florida Community Health Centers, Inc.: “Pahokee Breast Health Liaison” The liaison will provide outreach, education and referrals to residents of Pahokee, Canal Point, Belle Glade and South Bay. Patients will be qualified for government programs such as Medicaid and Health Care District. Residents will be taught the how to do BSE and the importance of early detection. Referrals for follow up treatment will be made to Komen Grantees.
Project Director: Dr. Michael Gervasi (561) 844-9443 x335

Gilda’s Club South Florida: “Women of Color – Breast Cancer Prevention & Education” Provide breast health education to African American women in Palm Beach County. The purpose of this project is to address the breast cancer disparity among the African American population through increased awareness and knowledge about the importance of screening and early detection. The short term impact of the project will be to increased participant awareness of breast cancer prevalence among African American women and increased participant knowledge of risk factors, screening and treatment. The long term impact of the project will be seen through a reduction in breast cancer disparity among women of color in Palm Beach County.
Project Director: Shelley Goren (954) 763-6776

Indiantown Community Outreach, Inc.: “The Breast Health Awareness and Access Project, Indiantown” The western part or Martin County has been identified as the most underserved and impoverished groups in Florida, and experience a higher incidence of breast cancer. 2 trilingual breast health navigators will provide outreach and education to this community. They will assist with transportation, interpreter services for CBE and mammograms.
Project Director: Jacqueline Clarke (772) 285-8938

Jupiter Medical Center: “Breast Cancer Patient Navigator” The breast cancer patient navigator is an oncology nurse who will provide services to all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. The navigator will help guide breast cancer patients through the difficult and confusing maze of appointments and decisions to be made. The navigator will assist patients through their entire course of care: providing both patient and family members with ongoing education and support.
Patient Navigator: Dawn Bitgood (561) 263-3604

Martin Memorial Cancer Center: “Breast Health Navigator” This program’s purpose is to act as a guide through the health care system. The team’s goal is to navigate patients, including those with and without health insurance, giving them access to care and services in a timely fashion in our community. The Breast Health Navigator Team consists of an oncology certified registered nurse and a licensed clinical oncology social worker, who are experienced in cancer care. They would offer screening for eligibility of any needed services, including referrals, along with information and counseling focused on the special needs of a special cancer population.
Patient Navigator: Andrea Schwerdt (772) 223-5945 x3717

Minority Development & Empowerment, Inc.: “Wellness Program 4 Women” This program is aimed at reaching Black, Latino/Hispanic, Haitian, and Caribbean Immigrant women who live in the Belle Glade and Palm Springs areas, and who are presently not receiving adequate breast cancer information and early screening. The Program will achieve this goal primarily by using Community Health Workers to conduct outreach in the targeted areas. This outreach will involve the distribution of educational materials by way of flyers, community papers and public service announcements, as well as conducting educational classes in churches, community centers and the like. Clients will also be linked to breast cancer screening and will be provided all necessary assistance and reminders to help facilitate their taking advantage of the screening.
Project Director: Marlinda Jefferson PhD (561) 296-5722

Palm Beach Cancer Institute Foundation/Sari Asher Center for Integrative Cancer Care: “Moving On: Life After Breast Cancer, A Survivor Workshop” A multi session workshop for stage 1 to 3 breast cancer survivors 4-6 months post treatment, addresses the physical, emotional and lifestyle needs that are well documented in cancer survivor literature.
Project Director: Dr. Elisabeth McKeen (561) 578-5900

Palm Beach Cancer Institute Foundation/Sari Asher Center for Integrative Cancer Care: “The Comprehensive Lymphedema Program” The Comprehensive Lymphedema Program proposes to address breast cancer survivors concerns and treatment as it relates to the condition of Lymphedema by providing early detection and treatment services using the internationally accepted standard of care, and to promote awareness of the condition throughout our community. The program will provide breast cancer survivors with Complete Decongestive Therapy which includes sufficient manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging and garments, exercise instruction, skin and body care, and education on the lymphatic system and self-management. We will also provide education to the community, specifically for women at risk for the condition and healthcare providers, about the lymphatic system, the importance of Lymphedema early detection and intervention in breast cancer patients, and on treatment protocols.
Project Director: Christine Morgan (561) 578-5900

Planned Parenthood of South Florida and the Treasure Coast, Inc.: “Breast Health Community Education Program” This program reaches culturally diverse populations in both educational and community settings in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie Counties. The most current breast health information, including prevention and treatment options is provided in presentations available to high schools, faith-based organizations, and community groups in both English and Spanish. The goals of this program are to break the cycle of high-risk behavior and to promote early breast cancer screening habits among women in our local community through increased knowledge and healthy lifestyles. Presentations are free of charge and may be scheduled by calling Planned Parenthood.
Project Director: Cory Neering (561) 848-6402 x305

Screening/Treatment/Genetics Programs:

Bethesda Women’s Health Center – Screening/Treatment/Genetics – Boynton Beach
Project Director: Angelia Palahunik (561) 374-5304

Boca Raton Regional Hospital. Women’s Health Center for Breast Care – Screening/Treatment – Boca Raton
Project Director: Kathy Tabor McEwan (561) 955-2547

Connie Foundation: “Transportation Incentives & Assistance 2011 – 2012” For individuals in Palm Beach County who qualify for Komen funding with primary focus on those living in “the Glades” western agricultural areas including Pahokee, Belle Glade and South Bay, the Connie J Goodale Breast Cancer Foundation’s purpose for this grant is centered on transportation. The Connie Foundation will provide free passes through the Palm Tran Bus system for qualified Komen patients to get to breast cancer screening and treatment.
Project Director: Denise Profitt (954) 249-0301

Florida Community Health Centers, Inc. – Screening – St. Lucie County
Project Director: Dr. Michael Gervasi (561) 844-9443 x335

H.O.P.E. Project – Screening (Mobile Mammography Van) – Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie Counties
Project Director: Maryann Bohatyritz (561) 659-4278

Jupiter Medical Center – Screening/Treatment/Genetics – Jupiter, Tequesta, Juno Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens
Project Director: Gail Cooper-Parks (561) 427-0128

Lakeside Medical Center – Screening – Palm Beach County
Project Director: Jeffrey McRoberts (561) 996-6571

Martin Memorial Hospital – Screening/Treatment – Martin County, southern half of St. Lucie County
Project Director: Deb Lewandowski (772) 223-5945 x3717

Martin County DOH – Screening – Martin County – This program will fill the gap to provide early diagnosis of breast disease for those who do not qualify for current programs
Project Director: Dr. Lisa Ferreira (772) 221-4000 x2246

Pink Tie Friends – Treatment – Martin and St. Lucie Counties
Project Director: Cheryl Caldwell (772) 871-9289

Volunteers of Medicine – Screening – Martin County
Project Director: Elizabeth Tsarnas (772) 463-4128 x207

West Palm Beach, Department of Health – Clinical Breast Exams/Case Management – West Palm Beach
Project Director: Yanick Gribkoff (561) 514-5302