2008-2009 Grant Recipients

Mammography/Diagnostic Grants:

These grants provide free mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, cancer treatment and additional breast cancer services to the medically underserved.

Mammography/Diagnostic Programs:
Bethesda Memorial Hospital
Boca Raton Community Hospital
Glades General Hospital
H.O.P.E. Project – Mobile Mammography Unit
Jupiter Medical Center
Martin Memorial Hospital Diagnostic Centers (Stuart and Port St. Lucie locations)
Florida Community Health Centers, Inc. (Fort Pierce)

Treatment Grants:
Bethesda Hospital
Boca Raton Community Hospital
Jupiter Medical Center
Martin Memorial Hospital

These grants are used to provide outreach education and support innovative projects in the areas of good breast health & breast cancer information as well as special projects and services for the medically underserved in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties.

ARC of Martin County: The ARC of Martin County’s Breast Health Awareness Project provides education and training for developmentally disabled females and staff who assist them in identifying risk factors and prevention of breast cancer. The registered nurse will train individuals with disabilities and staff on completing breast self-exam independently. Individuals will have their training individualized to their specific disability/need.
Project Director: Sarah Alloway (772) 283-2525

Bethesda Women’s Health Center: “Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk” The Risk Assessment Program provides genetic counseling and testing to individuals who are candidates for testing but do not have the means or medical insurance to obtain testing.
Project Director: Rica Supnet (561) 374-5300

Bethesda Women’s Health Center: “Breast Health Navigator” The Breast Health Navigator is a registered nurse who is certified in Breast Health. The Navigator assists all patients needing education and information regarding breast health. The Navigator counsels patients referred for biopsy and diagnosed with breast cancer as well as provides support for family members.
Project Director: Angelia Palahunik (561) 374-5300

Boca Raton Community – Genetics: Patients who either have a strong family history of breast cancer, ovarian cancer or other risk factors will have a consultation with the Center’s Medical Director. Dr Louise Morrell is a Medical Oncologist who runs our multimodality clinic for all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. If the patient or family member qualifies for genetic testing, then testing may be performed and the patient will review the findings with Dr. Morrell. If the results are positive, Dr. Morrell follows them with family counseling to assess the risk factors to daughters and sisters. This program will pay for the testing if they do not have insurance to cover it.
Project Director: Larraine Chrystal (561)-955-2745

Boca Raton Community – Navigation: The Center for Breast Care / Women’s Center ‘Clinical Navigator Program” will be based on already proven navigator programs but will be unique in the aspect of focusing on providing quality care based on our diverse patient population and community needs. The clinical navigator can take the mystery out of breast health and dispel the myths concerning care diagnosis and treatment options. Providing an environment of support, education and clinical expertise will allow the patient to receive individualized care and attention. Education is a powerful tool that arms the patient with choice and control over their health care options. The complexity of the system, the multiple appointments, and testing, financial and personal concerns will be addressed through this service.
Project Director: Larraine Chrystal   (561)-955-2745

Boca Raton Community – Lymphedema Supplies: Lymphedema is a potential side effect of breast cancer treatment affecting on average 25% of breast cancer survivors. While the majority of insurance carriers cover treatment of Lymphedema, most do not cover the bandaging supplies used during treatment to reduce Lymphedema, nor the compression garments needed to maintain the reduction of Lymphedema once treatment is complete. These out of pocket expenses present a financial strain for many and may lead to ineffective long-term management of the condition if patients do not replace their compression garments on schedule. The funds will be used to provide compression bandages and compression garments for noninsured or underinsured patients in our community with or at risk for developing post mastectomy Lymphedema syndrome.
Project Director: Susan Lanham (561) 955-2100

Cancer Alliance of Help & Hope: The Cancer Alliance of Help and Hope, Inc. will provide assistance to breast cancer patients of all ages who are having financial problems while undergoing treatment, with rent/mortgage, utilities, car payments, car insurance and health insurance. The grant will provide funding for women living in Palm Beach County and receive treatment in the county live outside the county and receive treatment in the county.
Project Director: Jean Fischer (561) 748-7227

Caridad Clinic: Caridad Health Clinic-Breast Care Program” This program provides breast care education, mammograms and referrals for women living in rural areas of Palm Beach County who receive free health care at the Caridad Health Clinic. Healthcare includes annual breast and gynecological exams. This unique one-stop program provides group education sessions on the Triple Touch self-breast exam technique and breast health with culturally appropriate presentations and materials followed immediately by a baseline or annual follow-up mammogram. This approach reduces barriers of transportation, language and time while promoting a trusting relationship with Caridad. The Patient Liaison expertly guides women through every step of the program.
Project Director: Lucille Guzman (561) 369-0932 Ext. 105

Compass: “The Palm Beach County Breast Health Project” Lesbian women frequently have more risk factors for breast cancer than heterosexual women. The Palm Beach County Lesbian Breast Health Project is a community education and outreach program that targets all Lesbian women in Palm Beach County. The overall goals are to: raise awareness of the risk for breast cancer; provide culturally competent breast health education; and to link women to culturally appropriate professional health care providers for breast exams and mammography. Small group education sessions will be conducted in appropriate venues and mammography rates will be tracked.
Project Director: Chris Lacharite, Health Services Coordinator (561) 533-9699

Florida Resource Center for Women & Children, Inc.: “Woman to Woman Community Health Project” This is an innovative and unique program that provides victims of domestic violence and/or those at-risk, with breast health care education, patient navigation and other supportive services, targeting the areas of Central and Southern Palm Beach County.
Project Director: Shandra Dawkins & Jane Wagley (561) 848-8383

Hadassah Florida Atlantic Region: “Check It Out” This program presents breast health programs in assemblies in school districts throughout Palm Beach county with high school age women. It instructs and emphasizes the importance of regular and correct BSE. The program also discusses risk factors of breast cancer. Each assembly includes a breast cancer survivor sharing her story, a health educator and video on BSE.
Program Coordinators: Ellen Hodges and Fran Sachs (561) 498-1012

Healing Touch Buddies: Healing Touch Buddies (HTB) is dedicated to improving the quality of life of those challenged with breast cancer; providing patients with Healing Touch (HT) and volunteer practitioners (Buddies) with instruction and support. A specific workshop has been created for HT practitioners who commit to volunteering for up to one year. The workshop provides hands-on training experience and focuses on mirroring self-care to the client. HT treatments are offered free for up to one year to all breast cancer patients, with the intention of offering relief of pain, nausea, anxiety and fatigue; the specific symptoms associated with breast cancer and its treatment. HTB outreach places a special emphasis on strengthening positive ties to the Hispanic breast cancer patients in Palm Beach County.
Project Director: Betty Ann Baker (561)741-1671

JARC: “Breast Health Initiative” will provide adults with intellectual disabilities with education and training to enhance their knowledge of breast cancer risk factors, screening procedures and breast self-examination. Participants will become familiarized with screening equipment and procedures to lessen the anxiety that may be experienced when undergoing this type of examination. Adults with intellectual disabilities between the ages of 20 and 72 from Palm Beach County will participate in this program.
Program Director: Nancy Freiwald (561) 558-2550

Jupiter Medical Center: “Breast Cancer Patient Navigator” The breast cancer patient navigator is an oncology nurse who will provide services to all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. The navigator will help guide breast cancer patients through the difficult and confusing maze of appointments and decisions to be made. The navigator will assist patients through their entire course of care: providing both patient and family members with ongoing education and support.
Patient Navigator: Donna Calahan (561) 743-5069

Martin Memorial Cancer Center: “Breast Health Navigator” This program’s purpose is to act as a guide through the health care system. The team’s goal is to navigate patients, including those with and without health insurance, giving them access to care and services in a timely fashion in our community. The Breast Health Navigator Team consists of an oncology certified registered nurse and a licensed clinical oncology social worker, who are experienced in cancer care. They would offer screening for eligibility of any needed services, including referrals, along with information and counseling focused on the special needs of a special cancer population.
Patient Navigator: Carolyn MacDonald (772) 223-5945 x3717

Martin Memorial Cancer Center: “Genetic Education, Screening & Testing” This program offers genetic education, counseling and testing for the BRCA1 or 2 gene mutation to those with patients who do not have insurance or the insurance company specifically excludes genetic testing.
Program Director: Lindsay Mattino (772) 223-5945 ext 3717

Palm Beach Cancer Institute Foundation, Inc.: “Breast Cancer Gene Testing Project for High Risk Breast Cancer Families” The Cancer Genetic Screening and Counseling Program provides breast cancer gene testing and counseling to those individuals in the underserved population, who have a strong family history of early onset breast cancer. A risk assessment will follow criteria set by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, to determine which individuals meet these criteria. If an individual man or woman is found to be at high risk or carrying a BRCA (breast cancer gene) mutation, they will be offered counseling and testing. Partners in collaboration involved in this project with the Komen Foundation are the Palm Beach Cancer Institute Foundation, Inc. and Good Samaritan Medical Center.
Project Director: Cathryn Kirvin (561) 366-4118

Planned Parenthood of the Palm Beach and Treasure Coast Area, Inc.: Breast Health Community Education” This program reaches culturally diverse populations in both educational and community settings in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie Counties. The most current breast health information, including prevention and treatment options is provided in presentations available to high schools, faith-based organizations, and community groups in both English and Spanish. The goals of this program are to break the cycle of high-risk behavior and to promote early breast cancer screening habits among women in our local community through increased knowledge and healthy lifestyles. Presentations are free of charge and may be scheduled by calling Planned Parenthood.
Project Director: Maria Kulp (561) 848-6402 Ext.305

Ruth Rales – Jewish Family Service: “Lymphedema Education & Self Care” The cancer support program at Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service in South Palm Beach County provides three Lymphedema education workshops in the community and monthly education and self-care sessions for women at risk for, or currently living with Lymphedema. The workshops facilitators include a lymphedema specialist, an oncologist and a mental health clinician.
Program Director: Patricia Hartog (561) 852-3333

Samaritan Gardens: “Breast Cancer Education Awareness for the Uninsured and Underinsure” SGCHC is a free clinic that was established in 2000. The clinic provided non-emergency medical, dental and eye care. These services are provided to the homeless, the unemployed, the working poor and the undocumented immigrants at no cost. SGCHC has been able to provide limited access to education and breast exams through the use of the HOPE van. With a nurse practitioner, dedicated to education and breast exams, SGCHC will be able to provide services to an estimated 2,500 women in this community. This will help improve early detection and outcomes for those patients diagnosed with breast cancer.
Project Director: Tammy Jefferson (561) 650-7400 x7419

Sojourners with Healing Hearts: “Community Outreach” Sojourners goal is to educate African American Women about the necessity and importance of good breast health through monthly outreach activities. The target population is African American Women under age 40. The area served is: Central, Northern and Western Palm Beach County. Total participants monthly would be 75. A health symposium will be held in October 2009, which will include 120 participants.
Project Director: Lisa Lofton (561) 880-1072