Tips for Facebook Fundraising Success

  • Start with a small initial goal. By raising your goal in increments, it gives donors the sense they are helping to achieve a goal as your campaign progresses.
  • Be specific. Set a clear, tangible goal for why you are raising funds and what it will support. (See examples below)

  • Spread the word. Invite your Facebook friends to support your fundraiser. Start with your close friends and those who you believe will support you and the cause.
  • Show appreciation. Be sure to thank every person who donates to your fundraiser and engage with their Facebook post. Post a thank you message on your Facebook Profile and tag those who donated to your fundraiser. (See examples below)

Below are sample Facebook posts and images to use when promoting your Facebook Fundraiser. Please feel free to download the images and content for your posts. Don’t forget to tag @KomenFlorida so we can engage in your posts.

When fighting breast cancer, patients should not have to skip doctors appointments to save money. Through the Susan G. Komen Florida Treatment Assistance Program, the goal is for all patients to be able to make it to their life-saving appointments.

Early detection is our best weapon in the fight against breast cancer. Susan G. Komen Florida recommends practicing Breast Self Awareness as listed below:
🔹Know your risk
🔹Get Screened
🔹Know what is normal for you
🔹Make healthy lifestyle choices

Susan G. Komen Florida is more than just a pink ribbon. Komen Florida is fighting this disease on all fronts. Learn more about the impact:

Did you know that women who get regular exercise (physical activity) have a lower risk of breast cancer than women who are not active? When the evidence is looked at as a whole, regular exercise appears to lower breast cancer risk by 10-20%. Learn about how much physical activity is needed to reduce breast cancer risk.

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