Denise Kaslow

Denise could have not gotten through breast cancer surgery and treatment without the support of family and friendsshe had three young children under the age of seven at the time of her diagnosisIt was her eldest daughter, Rachel, just six-years-old at the time, who was a constant source of comfort She went to every radiation treatment with Denise, waking up at 6:00 a.m.five days a week for six weeks to accompany her mom. Denise called it “our special time together. 

Friends and family started a food chain so that every night Denise’s family had dinner when she was too sick to step into the kitchen. Names of people that she barely knew were kind enough to bring meals to her homeIt was the biggest help to Denise and her family. 


Denise’s family was incredibly supportive, especially Howard, her now ex-husband. He went to every doctors appointment and was tremendous in taking care of their three small children—Rachel, Ethan and Naomi—all under the age of seven. 

“I am thankful for a second chance to live my life and hope to be an inspiration for others to support Susan G. Komen so that one day there will be a world without breast cancer.” 

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