Debbie Brooks – 2018 Ford Warrior in Pink

“I didn’t choose to have Metastatic Breast Cancer, but I can choose how I want to live my life with my disease. Embracing life, saying active, encouraging others, sharing hope and never giving up my dreams.”

Since 2003, Debbie has been a strong advocate and zealous supporter for breast cancer survivors, and a dedicated volunteer for Susan G. Komen South Florida, Florida Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Coalition.  But “Captain Debbie’s” greatest passion is the Lighthouse Dragons SOS, a breast cancer survivor dragon boat team she founded, where she paddles and races with some of the most incredible women she has ever met.   

Meet the 2018 Ford Warriors in Pink

Maria Arcila, Shawntoyia Bernard, Debbie Brooks, Stephanie Carroll,
Shiloh Reynolds, Nancy Smith, Randee VanVleet

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