COVID-19 is devastating breast cancer patients. You can help.

COVID-19 is devastating breast cancer patients. You can help.

I don’t usually write posts like this, but these are desperate times.

COVID-19 is already putting financially struggling breast cancer patients at greater risk by devastating their incomes and snatching away their health insurance.

Please make a gift NOW to provide emergency funding of our Susan G. Komen Florida Treatment Assistance Fund.

I just got off the phone with Maria, a recently diagnosed breast cancer patient who lives in a rural town in South Florida. She just lost her job due to the impacts of this virus. Maria is now worried more than ever about how she will be able to pay for life-saving treatment. The coronavirus is likely going to push her into bankruptcy and without help she has no options for treatment. How will she be able to meet her living expenses and pay for her medical treatments? She won’t. But you can help.

Your gift will provide emergency Treatment Assistance to patients like Maria who are unable to pay for both living expenses and medical treatments. You’ll save them from dropping out of treatment.

In the last few days, I’ve received more phone calls from desperately worried patients like Maria. Their jobs are at risk and their medical treatment is very expensive. This is no time to lose income or health insurance.

There are no funds in our budget to meet this unexpected and extraordinary need. But your gift today will provide instant relief and peace of mind.

Your action is urgently needed. Please make your gift to provide emergency Treatment Assistance funds. You’ll help keep a breast cancer patient from dropping out of treatment and get her one step closer to remission. And every step counts right now.

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Kate Watt
Executive Director
Susan G. Komen Florida