Chris Gallo

Chris was diagnosed in March 2014 with 2A breast cancer after finding a lump in his right breast. He sought treatment at Moffitt Hospital in Tampa where he had a bilateral mastectomy followed by chemo and radiation. Once his treatment ended in October 2014, he spent time recovering and finding a new norm. As a police officer, this new norm of laying on the couch, being physically, mentally and emotionally comprised was a big challenge. But slowly Chris took baby steps during his recovery to find the strength to go for walks, which led to easy jogging, then running every day. His newfound interest in running—something he never did before breast cancer—brought him back to life. It opened a window for him to see what he needed to do to be in the present and for the future. He now talks openly about his breast cancer journey to increase awareness that men can get breast cancer, too.


Chris’s strength came from the solid, unshakable love and support of the people around him. Their love and positivity didn’t allow him to bow down to giving up. His wife, whom he has been with since high school, their two daughters (one who is 15 and another away at college), his wife’s family, and his friends have been “unbelievably amazing” through his journey. The support he received came in every form—emotional, helping with transportation and helping watch his daughters during surgery, treatments, etc.


Running, competing in triathlons, half-marathons and biking.

“I am most thankful this horrible disease forced me to see a side of me I didn’t know was there. After getting through breast cancer, I am now in the absolute best physical state I have ever been in my life. I run every day and compete in triathlons, half marathons, and 300-mile bike rides. Breast cancer helped me find my personal physical best.”

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