Cassandra Bartlett

When Casey was first diagnosed, she was shocked and scared. But she knew she had no choice but to fight. She says that, “You learn real quickly that in order to fight cancer, you have to stay positive, strong and surround yourself with an awesome support system.”

The most meaningful part of Casey’s journey was meeting her amazing “breasties” from support group, who were there for her throughout my journey. She highly recommends a support group because she met some of the bravest and nicest women she has ever met who are still her close friends to this day. As she says, “Not only do they help you and continue to help you, but you get to help them. Also, I remember them always taking the time to lift my spirits even on my worst days, and I am just so grateful for those moments.”

Her favorite part of this journey has been paying it forward to other survivors like herself. She and her “breasties” started a What’s App group chat with breast cancer survivors. They also started a Facebook dinner group, and plan to have a dinner once a month to support each other and catch up on their lives. Anytime they meet a new cancer survivor, they invite them to their support groups. Casey knows how important it has been for her to talk to others who have gone through a similar journey: “You can vent to each other, listen and understand each other’s perspectives because we have all been there. I hope to continue to inspire and help others with my story.”

During Casey’s cancer journey, she started oncology Yoga. She never in a million years thought she would like yoga, but it has changed her life and now she recommends it to everyone.


Casey’s mom was very supportive of her throughout her cancer journey. She was practically at all her doctors’ appointments, surgeries and chemo rounds. She also took the time out of her busy schedule to take care of Casey on her bad days.

“I am thankful to be alive. Being a cancer survivor has changed me in many positive ways. I learned life is short and not to stress about the minor things anymore. Also, I learned to see the silver lining in everything because things could always be worse. I can now share my story and help others, and that is the ultimate prize to me.”

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