Brie Pestano

Brie was only 31 when diagnosed, but she has been praised by all who know her for her incredibly positive attitude, taking the side effects and setbacks in stride, and relying on her support system for encouragement, laughs, and love.  It was a long journey.  She had chemotherapy followed by a double mastectomy with reconstruction, radiation therapy, and another surgery when a residual tumor was found at the incision site from her mastectomy. Throughout her journey, Brie and her family struggled with the fact that there was no clear cause for her breast cancer. She is determined to find a way to help create a network where women can share information and voluntarily answer questionnaires that may help physicians and scientists locate the cause. 

Before her treatment started, she joined the support group at BRRH for newly diagnosed women. It was terrifying at first but turned out to be one of the best things she had ever done. Not only did she find young women like herself who would help her through her journey, but she was able to give back and help women diagnosed after her through their journeys. In one meeting in particulara new young woman was about to race out of the room at the completion of the meeting, but Brie was able to stop her, hug her and provide her contact information so that she could be included in a group chat when she was ready.  


Brie couldn’t imagine going through breast cancer without her family – especially her mother. She took care of Brie’s every need–even when she didn’t know what she needed.  

Brie also notes the “angel at the BRRH chemotherapy infusion center” named Lyn.  Brie’s very first treatment was four days before her 32nd birthday.  Her mom was a wreck and Brie was naturally anxious, but Lyn’s caring demeanor instantly put them both at ease. Brie notes that Lyn’s gentle and compassionate way was absolutely instrumental in setting a positive tone for her entire chemotherapy treatment.   

I am thankful I found an inner strength that I didn’t know I had. 

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