Betsy Burden

Betsy’s journey is marked by an incredibly positive outlook driven by her faith and those in her various support circles.  Diagnosed at 46, she has had friends and family touched by breast cancer as well, including her mother and sister.  She began her treatment in 2006 at Jupiter Medical Center but had to interrupt her chemo due to heart issues.  Encouraged by her cardiologist, family and many friends, she never stopped fighting and found ways to inspire others once she completed her own journey.  As one of the founding members of the Christ Fellowship Cancer Support Group, Betsy comforts other cancer patients and co-facilitated a women’s class called “Triumph Over Suffering.” And as the president of the Lighthouse Dragons Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team, she offers survivors and their supporters the many benefits of healthy exercise and sisterhood camaraderie.


Betsy’s husband Dan and her two children Cody and Lauren, who were 11 and 8 at the time, were amazingly supportive. It was important to Betsy to leave her kids a strong legacy of faith to handle life’s problems, no matter when she left it. Dan read the book The Breast Cancer Husband and was always offering her the love and help she needed. Betsy’s mother and sister are also survivors and were there for her during her journey.


You will often find Betsy enjoying “God’s Creation and nature,” out on the water either paddleboarding or kayaking or on land, biking or hiking. There is a joke at her law office that she must be out at a “board meeting” whenever she is out on her paddleboard!  She enjoys opportunities to take cancer patients on some of these activities and share the great enjoyment of things we often take for granted.

“Carpe diem!  Take joy in things we take for granted. We have been given the best possible life; don’t waste it!”

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