Palm Beach Post–Perfect Pink Party at Mar-A-Lago tries to raise $1.5 million for Komen foundation

January 11, 2014

PALM BEACH—Tim Gannon, chairman of this year’s Susan G. Komen for the Cure Perfect Pink Party at Mar-a-Lago, wanted to make the event the one that no one will ever forget.

“I want it to be an elegant night that touches your soul and that raises a lot of money,” said Gannon, a founder of the Outback Steakhouse chain and also a former art history student who studied in Italy.

So the landmark estate on South Ocean Boulevard was transformed Saturday night into a place of Venetian splendor — full of candelabras with real candles, dinner tables erupting in pink with lily bouquets, pink feathers, pink chair cushions and pink napkins.

It was all in the name of raising $1.5 million for the Susan G. Komen foundation and its efforts to fight breast cancer.

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