Orange County Register–Making a different kind of cancer donation

September 5, 2013

Jane Pang has given her time, money and abounding energy to the fight against breast cancer. She’s also shared the most personal and precious gift of all, a piece of herself.

Pang flew from Orange County to Indianapolis in February so researchers could extract and freeze a sample of her healthy breast tissue for the Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank at Indiana University. The bank, supported by roughly $1 million a year in Komen funds, provides researchers from around the world with samples of normal tissue that can be compared with cancerous tissue to better understand and treat the disease.

“The older we get, the greater your risk,” Pang said. “At 70, I haven’t gotten it. Are we who are elderly, without breast cancer, do we hold the cure?”

Pang, of Huntington Beach, was joined by Garden Grove resident Charlene Kazner and Angela Acevedo-Malouf of Mission Viejo. The women underwent biopsies to help increase the bank’s ethnic diversity – and to serve as ambassadors as recruitment begins for a first-ever West Coast tissue collection Nov. 2 in Orange County.

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