Chemo BFF’s bond over breast cancer

October 15, 2012

The first time Leah Wypych and Lori Randell met, Leah asked to see Lori’s breasts.

Lori’s response? “Of course, I don’t care.”

So she dragged her IV bag into the bathroom to reveal her post-double-mastectomy, surgically repaired breasts to a woman she barely knew.

“She showed me her boobs and I’m like, ‘OK, so that’s what yours look like,’” says Leah, remembering how it put her mind at ease – a little – for the double mastectomy she still faced. “That was good.”

It was the beginning of a most amazing, chemo-soaked, laughter-powered friendship, a friendship that saw them through breast cancer last year and still thrives now that they’re cancer-free.