Angel Turbeville

As a minister at Family Church Village, Angel’s faith is a huge part of who she is. Diagnosed in April 2018, she is at the very beginning of her journey and feels that while cancer has tested her faith, time and time again she has experienced His hope and presence. While Angel didn’t choose cancer, her prayer is that her story can bring hope to other women. She wants to be the encouragement that others need to realize that they are not alone and even in the midst of their fight, there is hope. She finds it humbling to stand alongside women who have been fighting for years, especially her nine fellow Warriors. Angel has come to understand the power of presence during her journey. She moved to South Florida only a year ago from DC and was just getting established when she received her diagnosis. Friends flew in for her surgery and have been flying in for each of her treatments. As a single person, she has been blown away that they would love her enough to fly to Florida just to be present.

“I am most thankful for my faith and community. Faith gives me hope and my community is a constant source of encouragement.”

She is single, so her family extends beyond traditional. Her dad, sister, and brother live in central Florida. They came in for her surgery and for visits since then. They are willing to be here at any time. Daily, she relies on a strong network of friends and her church community.

“As scary as cancer is, it will reveal your strength. It will make you reach into the depths of who you are and grapple with the frailty of life. Somewhere in that process, you will find a way to write your own narrative instead of allowing cancer to dictate your story. Reach out, build your team, and write your story. It is not a fight you can do alone.”


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