Angel Shollenberger

Angel was diagnosed 21-years-ago when her survival odds were just 52%. She didn’t think she would make it to her 46th birthday. A Stage Three survivor, today she is 66 and helps other breast cancer survivors by talking with them at her office where she proudly hangs a Sun Sentinel article story about her journey. It spurs conversations with survivors an co-survivors and once she learns about their experience, she gives them a small goody bag of pink items to make them feel special. Every October, Angel puts a small table of pink items for sale outside her office and asks for donations.

“I am most thankful knowing I can live every moment of my life to its fullest.”

Angel has participated in the Race for the Cure every year since 1999, first in Miami, and then in West Palm Beach. She credits Ford Motor Company as one of the first manufacturers to support her – especially April Greaner-Barfus and Karen Clarke. She has been a team captain every year for the last 18 years through her support of South Florida Ford Dealer’s support for the Race for the Cure series. She is a team captain for Team Ford again this year and will walk in the Race.

“Being diagnosed with breast cancer doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to die. You have been given a wake-up call. Take the treatment advice and remember you are a special person now. You are able to experience life in a new positive way and enjoy moments that we once took for granted.”

Angel’s family has been most supportive. Her husband Chip accompanied her to all surgeries and treatment opportunities and most recently for a biopsy, that was good news. When Angel was diagnosed, her son Ryan was 14 and Troy was 11. Troy had more difficulty with comprehending her diagnosis that was worsened by his school principal passing away from cancer around the same time. He asked with tears in his eyes if Angel was going to die, too. She told him, “No, not now.” Angel has been able to keep her promise.


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